Day 5- Damian Rumph- Drama and Poetry

The session started with the usual check-in word for “how are you feeling”. As the week has unfolded, the hoods have come off, the seated positions in chairs are more elevated, the eyes are brighter and the checking words have become more and more energized (I never knew how many synonyms there are for that word- Mr. B’s kids are not supposed to reuse words- I am very impressed with their thesaurus-like abilities.)

Damian got right to it and everyone was soon laughing and having fun with the game – Speak, Act, Draw. It is a team game that is like Taboo, Pictionary, and Charades all in one! Hilarity ensued! Lots of energy and friendly competition to be first to guess the sentences Damian had up on the screen.

The phrases were chosen from words that the students themselves had used in other sessions (except the ninjas and dragons one):

  • I am fearless.
  • Love wins.
  • Students are bears and owls.
  • We are brave and punch fear in the face.
  • The key to friendship is honesty.
  • Walking together, we can change the world.
  • A medicine wheel.
  • The color of my skin makes me powerful and resilient.
  • Ninjas throw knives and dragons breathe fire.
  • Singing, dancing, reading and writing make me smile.
  • Voices are loud to help us express the beautiful people we are.

After the games, Damian challenged the kids to create poetry in their groups, inspired by the phrases. They pulled together beautiful pieces of writing based on Damian’s sentences and the example he wrote:

I am not excited this morning because I feel broken.
But, in my community, we lift each other up.
Because we love ourselves and each other.
If more people thought like this,
We’d be happier.
We’d smile at each other. We’d help each other.
We’d speak to each other. We’d laugh together.
If each community did this,
Maybe we’d have a world that loved each other more.
And when we feel broken, we’d know that we can put ourselves back together.

The students were encouraged to add in their own words and switch up the phrases as they wanted. Every one of the kids earned their poetic licenses today!

Their final products are being kept top secret for release at another date.