I am practicing creating a blog- Jan 22

I am seeing what I need to do to create a blog. I am new to this blogging game. I have never figured I have things to say that anyone cares to read about. Well I mean, sometimes I have thoughts I think are hilarious, but most of the time I forget them as soon as I am done laughing. HOWEVER, I have worked with some amazing ppl over the years, especially the teenagers and kids. The things they do are worthy of noting (in a good way).

So here I am, working with the LEAD team. We started communicating about one year ago exactly. If you want to know about that development- head over to “Our Roots” to find out about that.. TODAY is notable because, in a few hours, I will get to meet the kids of Mr. B’s grade 6/7 class at Britannia School for the first time.

Marilyn, Lori and Shelley have been the powerhouses behind the organization of this 2 week adventure (read the outline of that on our Workshops page). We have met a couple of times with Elder Amanda White of the VSB, and all the artists and workshop leaders meet virtually on Wednesday evening. It was really invigorating and consciousness-raising. We are tackling the thorny and extremely timely topic of RACISM, especially how ‘standard’ Canadian history has not done a good job of including the stories of anyone but white guys from Europe and their ancestors. So with this series of workshops, we will be aiming to motive the ancestors of tomorrow to include EVERYONE’s stories in the history books. It will become ‘theirstory’.