“youthLEADarts gives youth a sense of worth and purpose.” 

Elder Amanda White, retired Indigenous Education Knowledge Keeper, Vancouver School Board and residential school survivor. 

“youthLEADarts’ positive effect on the social and emotional progress of the children resonates long after the program ends…”

Justin Borsato, classroom teacher, Vancouver, British Columbia. 

“YouthLEADarts is a network of artists, teachers, and authors who worked with my students to encourage and create the leaders of tomorrow. Participating in the YouthLEADarts program has been a transformative experience for my students. Watching them, I clearly saw the learning that occurred, the confidence that evolved, the voices that were found, and the striving towards excellence. The artistry, the choices made as a group, and the challenges they embraced and overcame were evident. There were many inspirational moments for my students, especially seeing typically quiet students featured in the videos and speaking with passion. The messages the students shared about depression, bullying, and belonging were heartfelt and will resonate with many youth beyond their own community. This program truly had a positive impact on my students.  Thank you for making such a difference in my class.”

Terry Jay, classroom teacher, Barrie, Ontario.

“It was the powerful posters done by the students of Hastings Elementary in Vancouver, that had a big impact on the students of Pierre Elliott Trudeau Elementary, here in Quebec. Their powerful slogans and beautifully rendered drawings drove the students here to act; to empathize with the plight of the whales. It focussed them on the roles they can play to bring attention to these issues.” 

Deirdre Potash, Teaching Artist, Vaudreuil-Dorion, Quebec. 

Youth responses after youthLEADarts Inc programs: 

“I feel more confident, creative and more respectful after a week with youthLEADarts.”

Anonymous, youth

“I feel mentally brighter.”

Cody, youth

“I learned to be brave and that I have a voice.”

Aisha, youth

“I became more open minded about others’ situations and learned not to judge quickly. I will now be more kind and respectful towards my peers.”

Briana, youth

“I always thought I was a good leader, but this program taught me to be a better role model.”

Ethan, youth

“I gained courage to do the things I was born to do.”

Daniel, youth

“I learned how to put powerful messages into videos. I will use the skills I learned next time I make one.”

Tristan, youth

“I learned to embrace everyone.”

Raul, youth

“I drew an image of a clock, because I loved the whole time we had! I have wanted to do something like this forever!”

Jacob, youth