Welcome Teachers…From Marilyn

The first month of school has flown by with great momentum. The seasons are shifting. A few weeks away from Thanksgiving and we, at youthLEADarts Inc. are already reflecting on gratitude.

So far this year we are welcoming ten classrooms of inner city students and their teachers to youthLEADarts Inc programs in Vancouver alone, a huge increase from last year. We are grateful and excited that grade 6/7 students at Britannia, Strathcona, Hastings and Grandview ¿uuqinak’uuh Elementary Schools will be developing their LEADership qualities with our artist educators and teacher partners this school year. We welcome you and thank you for welcoming us into your communities.

Below is Marilyn’s message to all as we embrace together a new season.

“Welcome to LEAD and youthLEADarts Inc. 

As a school teacher pioneering education innovation across Canada and internationally since 1994, I am honoured to present the LEAD movement through the organization called youthLEADarts Inc.

Schools can adopt LEAD into their own schedule and their students can put LEAD into practice.   When young people use the values of LEAD – Listen, Empathize, Act, Drive – they feel empowered to lead change in themselves and in their world. 

LEAD and youthLEADarts Inc. fosters personal growth in young people, allowing them to shed pre-­existing labels and step outside of difficult life circumstances to see their world with hope and opportunities.   

We hope that you as teachers will see in your students a widened perspective for honest and open-minded decision-making; the confidence and courage to be LEADers who listen, empathize, act and drive positive change;  and the drive to stay in school with hope as they build life success. 

Let’s empower our young people by widening their world and building Community, no matter how we are distanced.”

Always at your service,