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We announce new events all the time

Our regional Artist/Educators conduct live, one-hour, virtual artist workshops. These cross-Canada experiences will connect the values and themes (LEADership) of LEAD with various artistic disciplines.

Watch this space for the opportunity to engage in activities involving drama, dance, literature/spoken-word, music, drumming, visual arts, photography/ videography, Indigenous, and media arts. Our goal is to create an online project that will serve as a sustainable model for communities of like-minded youth to communicate even after the pandemic has run its course.

LEAD’s Artist Educators are experts in developing curriculum for all students. Whether virtually or in person; for elementary, junior, intermediate or senior students; as a facilitator in your classroom, youth group, extra curricular or community activity we are specialists at empowering youth with the vocabulary and skills to become leaders. Our forte is using the arts to increase the skills of students in Group Work, Creative Problem Solving, Interpersonal Communication, Personal Responsibility and Self-Regulation. Through these skills the students also increase their Resilience, Self-esteem and their ability to Self-advocate.  Please contact us to schedule a consultation to meet your needs. We have resources across Canada. (

An example of a past workshop:

LEAD Doodle Challenge #2

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

10 to 14 years old from across Canada.

Get connected! Be heard!

Any kind of paper and drawing utensil.

Look what we can create!

Doodle with Deirdre and Shelley!

Make sure you know what time-zone you will be participating in!
Make this a Cross Canada Experience!!

11 am- BC/ Yukon

Noon- Alberta/ Sask./ NWT

1 pm- Winnipeg/Nunavut West

2 pm- Ont./ Qc./ Nunavut East

3 pm- NB/ NS/ PEI/ Lab.

3:30- NFLD

Bonne journée. L’art fait du bien

Have a wonderful day. Art feels good

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