youthLEADARTS New After School Power Project 

Post Written by Trish DeLuca

Hey there! A big shoutout to everyone who dropped by to support our After School Power Project Program at Britannia Elementary in Vancouver which began Wednesday, April 10th and will run for seven weeks. Special thanks to Vancity who is sponsoring us! 

Here’s the scoop: We kicked off our first session with an amazing crew of Gr.5/6/7 kids. We are at full capacity of 20 kids and there is a waiting list! We had a blast diving into what makes them tick and what lights up their worlds.

We did some cool activities to get everyone thinking about what really matters in life. One of the highlights? The M&M Game! Every colour was associated with a question that kids had to answer. Questions included, “If your house was on fire, what 3 things would you grab?” and “What would you do if you won the lottery?” We sure got some wild answers, and the kids got to eat the game pieces. 

As we look ahead, our focus remains on nurturing the dreams and ambitions of each student. We’re helping them figure out what they’re passionate about and then expressing it using graffiti art, media arts, vision boards and dramatic performance! Our mission? To help them design lives they’re pumped about living. 

The After School Power Project fills the community’s need for a follow up to the youthLEADarts programs that take place in January. It welcomes youth who will filter into the program in coming years and those who have ‘graduated’. It is a safe space for youth to take a break, explore, create, connect, reflect and build important relationships. 

So, stay tuned! We’re just getting started on this epic journey of self-discovery and adventure. Thanks for being part of the ride!