Day Three at Britannia: Simply Wow-erful! 

Wow! What a day! 

Today’s youthLEADarts program with Brunella Battista made this a three wow week so far!

Connection, deep thinking, gift giving, collaboration, creativity, excitement, learning, portraits, emotional landscapes and four leaf clovers were woven into the day’s tapestry. 

Brunella began the day by asking us to draw a line on a paper, a paper that we would keep with us for the rest of our workshops. We were asked to treat this paper with respect. We were asked to write the answers to 10 questions on it. Some were easy, like write your name, others more difficult like how do you perceive the world? What is your superpower? If you could change one thing in the world what would you change? We shared these thoughts and placed our papers on the floor, connecting the lines to make a circle. 

Brunella is an expert artist who is passionate about helping others to acknowledge the artists within themselves. An artist with vision and experience, Brunella brings along some extraordinary life lenses, metaphorical and physical ones. 

We explored art…photos, paintings, portraits…and asked questions: what did we see? What was in the details? What was the mood/feeling/message? 

Brunella had the youth take portraits of themselves expressing three different emotions. We shared and discussed these and selected favourites. 

They created stories based on moving from one emotion to another, then video taped them. 

Brunella created a delicate inspiration package of special gifts for each student and had them shoot unboxing videos. She explained the symbolism behind each object, objects which will be used to enhance their portraits tomorrow. 

Finally, Brunella worked a bit on storyboards/scripts that outline the shots they will string together tomorrow…a very organic way of finding and telling personal stories, ones that hold the power of each students unique gifts and reach into the hearts, lives and experiences of others. 

Every moment was full, every student was engaged and enthusiastic. There was teamwork, pride, reflection and all of the LEAD values were addressed. The day was a tremendous success! 

It was a transformational day for all!

Thank you Brunella for bringing out everyone’s artist and for making the whole day simply wow-erful!