Past Programs and Workshops:

2021 Britannia Community School- Vancouver

ON-LINE PROGRAM IN VANCOUVER:  2021 youthLEADarts’ program in Vancouver’s East Side placed 18 students of Britannia Community School, aged 11 – 13, in an intense, two week  arts program through which they discovered their strengths, addressed some of their challenges, and developed communication and leadership skills.  It contributed to preparing them for the journey from elementary to secondary school and beyond with empowering experiences.

The 2021 project fostered personal growth in the students, allowing them to shed pre-­existing labels and step outside of difficult life circumstances to see themselves as change makers. Students experienced activities in drama, literature/spoken-word, visual art, photography/ videography, media arts, Indigenous Elder visits, self-awareness and healing rituals.

This year’s focus was drawing attention to and eliminating RACISM. Students learned, reflected, embodied and interpreted their experiences through different art forms each day for two weeks in invigorating, on-line sessions. In their journey, they were accompanied by Vancouver School Board’s Elder in Residence Amanda White, artist-educators, and their classroom teacher, as they created original art and applied the LEAD values.  On the final day, the students hosted an on-line studio for family, friends and community so they too can witness the students’ process, performance, and pride.

Please read the Blog Below to see how the process unfolded!

Britannia Blog 2021! Vancouver

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*Note to Our Followers* We are waiting with bated breath for the Final Videos of the Students to be released publically. As soon as we have them, they will be posted!!!! (Today’s Blog is Written by Lori Sherritt-Fleming) “What sunshine...

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Day 10- Mimaju’aq: Coming Alive

(Today’s Blog is written by word-smith Lori Sherritt-Fleming) Shelley MacDonald opened one of this week’s youthLEADarts sessions with words of gratitude. She said, she could really see, in the language of her Mi’kmaq ancestors, that the students were coming alive,...

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Day 9- The Penultimate “Official” Day

(Today’s Blog- is written by Tina Bye, youthLEADarts Mentoring Team Member) ~~~Mr. B- How We Love Thee…~~~ Mr. Justin Borsato is a phenomenal teacher. I am sure his students would agree with me. I know we, on the LEAD team,...

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Day 8- The Kids and Their Poetry Take Centre Stage

(Today’s Blog is written by Roy Mulder, one of the youthLEADarts mentors.) An opening comment was offered by Elder Amanda. She told of her beginnings and how she examined where she was hurt. It was the bridges that she built...

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Day 6- Acting Chops with Tina Bye

(Shelley MacDonald, a youthLEADarts mentor, is the author of this blog.- Stand-by for blogs from some of our other youthLEADarts team this week!) Today we began our week 2 journey with youthLEADarts Britannia.  The students were excited and ready to...

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