Thank You to Our Sponsors!

*Note to Our Followers* We are waiting with bated breath for the Final Videos of the Students to be released publically. As soon as we have them, they will be posted!!!! (Today’s Blog is Written by Lori Sherritt-Fleming)

“What sunshine is to flowers, smiles are to humanity. These are but trifles to be sure, but scattered along life’s pathway, the good they do is inconceivable.” Joseph Addison

To the generous donors who made the youthLEADarts program at Britannia Elementary in Vancouver possible…you are the sunshine, you are the smiles. The good that has and continues to come from your kindness reaches beyond one youth, one classroom, one community…the impact of this good is boundless. In this season, when hearts are everywhere, we, at youthLEADarts wish to thank you from the bottom of ours for supporting youth on their journeys to discover words for their poems, lyrics for their songs, images for their art and voices for their thoughts; thoughts, that when multiplied and shared, inspire and empower all. With immense gratitude to:

Sarah Haney

Marilyn Field

Tina Osen and Claudio Palitti

Connie Li

AdVision E-Commerce

Bobo Bao

Jennifer Hague

Amanda Tecks

Janet Qi

Barry Cracower

The Vancouver School Board and the Indigenous Education Department

for your generous financial gifts to the youthLEADarts program, for your belief in our young LEADers and for making life’s pathway a much more beautiful and uplifting place upon which to journey. May your kindness be returned a thousand fold. Special thanks also to those who volunteered and contributed many hours of mentorship and to Elder Amanda White who showed up daily, infusing each day with her gentle and encouraging wisdom. Thank you from the youthLEADarts National Team, participating artists and Elders, teachers, students and families. We are all grateful.