Past Programs and Workshops:

2021 BL Education Vancouver:
January- May Workshops - LEADership Through the Arts

The youthLEADarts national team is announcing a partnership with BL Education in Vancouver. The program will take place over 16 weeks from January to May in 2021 with students in grades 5-8.

Part one of the program engages participants in weekly 2-hour workshops led by the youthLEADarts national team. The workshops in visual arts, media arts, writing, drama and spoken word allow participants to experience art as a means of personal expression and develop skills that empower them to incorporate art and inquiry into the projects they develop in part two. Part one will end with a virtual art exhibition.

Part two of the program puts the youth front and centre as they select topics they are passionate about. They then collaborate and use their newfound art skills to develop a community project that addresses it. They mobilize their own talents to effect change. Mentors will facilitate the further incorporation of their art, inquiry, organizational, research, and communication skills into these projects. Youth may write and produce songs, videos, plays, community art projects, on-line events or collaborative media arts projects to draw attention to their topics. As they find their own voices, they in turn become the voice of change.

As a culminating event, participating youth leaders will share their process and final projects and at a mini on-line conference that celebrates how they have impacted the community around them.

If you are interested in bringing a youthLEADarts program to your community send an e-mail to

What is BL Education Consulting? 

BL Education Consulting is a professional education planning and consulting services provider with the prioritization in experiential education. Founded in 2013, the company has developed quickly into several locations. The headquarters are located in Vancouver and there are branch offices located in White Rock, Richmond and Shanghai.

“We believe every child holds unique gifts and potentials. By obtaining the right guidance and the best educational resources, each of them is able to set their goals and become the best version of themselves. BL Education is committed to tap into the potentials of each child and provide a customized education plan for each Individual. We aim to help the parents to understand their children better and help the students to discover themselves, set goals, take challenges and achieve their goals.”

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