“Follow your dreams, no matter what!” Britannia’s Vision Boards

Article Written by: Trish De Luca

The kids spent the afternoon diving deep into their dreams and desires, armed with scissors, glue sticks, and a whole lot of energy. They were on a mission—to continue crafting their vision boards. You know, those collages where you stick on stuff that represents your hopes and dreams? Yeah, those! 

As they snipped away and stuck on pictures and words, we got into some real talk. We chatted about ‘shoulds’—you know, all those things people say you should do—and ‘musts’—the things that really light you up inside? And let me tell you, these kids were all about the ‘musts’.

They shouted out stuff like, “You gotta’ treat everyone the same!”

“Follow your dreams, no matter what!” 

“You must do what you love!” 

Their voices rang out with passion shouting out musts like – “You must be grateful for life!” 

“You must be yourself!”

“You must be kind to others!” 

“You must cherish those you love!” 

“You must believe in yourself!”…and so many more.

Their vision boards are evolving into awesome collages of their dreams and beliefs. Each one is like a window into their souls, showing off what really matters to them.

So here’s to these amazing kids, who are carving out their paths and inspiring us all to do the same.