Inspiring Greatness Within

Today’s blog post is written by Marilyn Field, founder of youthLEADarts Inc.

With the close of Arts Education week, perhaps now is the time for us all to empower our kids by simply setting the stage to let them play.  Play, discover, create. No right or wrong answers.  Just try.  Know that we believe in their own greatness lying deep within. 

World record-making happened on Mother’s Day when a 15 year old pianist and composer, Taras Petryk, performed six of his own beautiful compositions for his mother and sixty other guests at Windrush.  The event raised funds for youthLEADarts’ arts education programs. 

Taras Petryk is a 15-year-old self-taught pianist from Mono, Ontario with a particular interest in composition.   He attends ODSS in Orangeville.  Inspired by creative artists such as Joep Beving, Hania Rani and Yann Tiersen, his recent works explore the element of water and its connection to physical and emotional landscapes.   Taras has a soulful appreciation for solitude, writing and traveling the world.  Many of his original songs have taken shape while hiking the trails of Hockley with his mother and two dogs, Tulla and Bijou. 

Taras Petryk at his piano.

It all started three months ago when Taras volunteered at a Windrush Estate Winery event.  Hearing of his interest in composing, I invited him to come here once a week to play on our grand piano.  Week by week, as Taras played, he discovered the grand piano’s myriad of nuances to express so much more than he thought his music could do.  He composed six different compositions, each inspired by the nature of Windrush wines and driven by his wish to perform for his mother, Michelle, on Mother’s Day. 

Mother’s Day guests at Windrush enjoyed tasting three of Windrush international award-winning wines, paired with hand-crafted teatime treats from Le Finis’, while Taras performed.  

–         The bright sunrise of Windrush Dry Riesling with Taras’ ERIS and EDENSONG.

–         The apple finish of Windrush Pinot Grigio with Taras’ TRICKLE and TIDAL.

–         The dark forest floor of Windrush Pinot Noir with Taras’ UMBRA.

–         Finally, sparkling water as a toast to Moms with Taras’ dual LA MER, MA MERE.

Mother's Day Flight of Fancy at Windrush Estate Wineries, May 2023.

This unique pairing took everyone of all ages to a synaesthetic wonderland of connection.  

Surely, this creativity marked history in the making.  Certainly, it proved the powerful role of discovery and play in arts education: right where we are.  

Marilyn Field

Founder youthLEADarts Inc