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We wish to thank the following people and enterprises for

Our immense gratitude goes out to:

  • AdVision eCommerce
  • Amanda Tecks
  • Angela Aiello
  • Barry Cracower
  • Canadian Marine Environment Protection Society
  • Connie Li
  • District One Development Association.
  • Lismore & District Recreation Committee Municipality of Pictou
  • English Language Arts Network : ArtistsInspire Grants Quebec
  • Government of Canada
  • Janet Qi
  • Jennifer Hague
  • learn Quebec
  • Marilyn Field
  • Sarah Haney
  • The Fang Family
  • The Scott Griffin Foundation
  • The Vancouver School Board and the Indigenous Education Department
  • Tina Osen and Claudio Palitti


for their generous financial gifts to the youthLEADarts program. May your kindness be returned a thousandfold.

We give thanks to photographers Alan Dunlop, J.C. Pennie, Tina Bye, Justin Borsato, Pete Paterson, Aline and Tom Sandler, Peter Elliott, and Deirdre Potash who have generously given their permission for use of their photos.

We also wish to remember and give thanks to:

John Crichton
Irene Dunlop
Cathy Elliott
Norman & Margaret Field
Hamish Kippen
Paul Ohashi
Rick Patina
Lord Yehudi Menuhin
Louise Sankey
William Stevenson
Jay & Sue Tennant
Judith Teller
Jordan Wabasse
James Westcott

“We stand on their shoulders.”