Time for Gratitude: Thank you to our Sponsors

“Art is something that makes you breathe with a different kind of happiness.” Anni Albers

Breathing happiness. What a beautiful concept. There are many expressions that have to do with breath: catch your breath, out of breath, hold your breath, a breath of fresh air…

Breathing happiness. This one stands out. It conjures images abundant in colour, of tastes, smells and textures that bring comfort, the kind of breath that fills a space where imagination can thrive and ideas stir. 

YouthLEADarts is grateful for those who breathe life into our programs: those who provide the support so that youth across Canada can discover and nurture their voices, so that confidence exudes from them with every breath, with every word, with every form of art they put their personal stamp on, as they come to understand how they can LEAD us to a future of promise. 

We deeply thank and honour the following for their generous donations to youthLEADarts that allow so many youngsters to breathe with a different kind of happiness.

The Scott Griffin Foundation

Angela Aiello

Marilyn Field

The Vancouver School Board Indigenous Education Department

The Fang Family

Connie Li

Amanda Tecks

AdVision eCommerce

District One Development Association. Lismore & District Recreation Committee Municipality of Pictou

Canadian Marine Environment Protection Society

learn Quebec

English Language Arts Network : ArtistsInspire Grants Quebec

Government of Canada

Thank you!