Day 4- Deirdre Potash and Embossing on Metal

Things are really hitting their stride! An entire classroom of young teens first period in the morning, and not one check-in word about being tired. They were 100% ready to work!

Deirdre gave them inspiration based on some examples she had, and on the images/ symbols we learned yesterday with Candice from the medicine wheel.

The technique uses a pencil as a stylus to emboss an image onto aluminum sheets (heavier than tin-foil); then adding concave (from the front) or convex (from the back) textures. After the image is drawn and textured, then the colour is applied with sharpies.

This group continually impresses with their abilities both in symbolism and putting words to abstract concepts. They each showed their work to the camera and spoke of the symbols that were important to them. Mr. B. gave them extra time to finish because they all were hard at work for the hour and a half workshop and still had more to do.

Here are some examples of the ones which are finished: