Melanie McDuff: Volunteer Extraordinaire! 

This week, as we celebrate International Women’s Day, youthLEADarts Inc would like to feature and celebrate an incredible young woman, leader and community volunteer, Melanie McDuff.  

Melanie is the heartbeat of youthLEADarts Inc Nova Scotia. Melanie has been volunteering at the Lismore District and Community Centre since she was a little girl, as well as for events and programs in the District One area. She is the youngest board member at Lismore and District Community Centre and always uses her voice to make sure that our hall offers inclusive programming for everyone. She is the youth mentor for our monthly youth leadership program and is instrumental in the design and operations of the youthLEADarts program.  Her leadership style is collaborative, inclusive and inspirational. Melanie is someone you can count on and the very embodiment of the youthLEADarts Inc values of listening, empathizing, acting and driving.

She is always willing to help out no matter what is going on, she is deeply committed to her family, friends and neighbours. Melanie has an affinity for vulnerable people, and has always gravitated towards those who are struggling to subtly lend a hand.  Whether it’s children, the elderly, and anyone in between, she finds a way to make a positive impact. She works extremely hard and doesn’t expect any praise, as that’s what one does for community. 

She was a toddler when she used to come with her mom and help out at different events and community kitchens. Her biggest inspiration and motivation is her mom.  Melanie learned from an early age how important it is to give back to community.  Melanie says, “I like to work with youth, get to know them, and see what kind of things they are into. I like to pay it forward because I have had a lot of good role models in my life growing up.”

youthLEADarts Inc celebrates Melanie this International Women’s Day and is proud of her achievements and her continued leadership. Well done Melanie, and thank you!