Full Circle: Learning That Sticks

“A lot of the lessons that youthLEADarts teaches us in one week, resonate with us through the whole year.” Mr. Borsato, partnering classroom teacher. 

The youth who made the video below, listed many take-aways when they reflected in our opening and closing circles. 

“My take away is perseverance, if I don’t give up, I can succeed.” Talia  

“I’ve gained confidence to act and camera skills. I learned that making a film is hard but I also learned how to use my voice and have confidence in my voice.” Diego

The video they produced urges us to slow down, to listen and to let learning guide us to places of gratitude, connection and truth. 

Full Circle

By: Diego, Donut, Taiyou and Talia

Listen to the drum…it calls us together.

Listen to the drum…it tells us stories of those before.

Listen to the drum…it warns us to remember our ancestors.

Listen to the drum…it reflects our traditions.

Listen to our world.

Listen to the waves crashing on the shore.

Listen to the earth as it rumbles the ground.

Listen to the flames screaming for a change.

Listen to the wind howling through the sky.

Listen to your heart…where it tells you to go.

Listen to your heart…and the emotions it feels.

Listen to your heart…rushing the blood through your veins.

Listen to your heart…it is the voice of your body.

Listen to my voice…it is the echo of my ancestors.

Listen to my voice…it speaks the truth.

Listen to my voice…it tells us to connect and love our families.

Listen to my voice…it tells us to enjoy and be grateful of life.

Listen to the drum.

Listen to our world.

Listen to your heart.

Listen to my voice.

Listen…listen closely…

Slow down and listen…

Listen to the world around you…