Young Voices Call Us to Listen

Grade 6 and 7 students at Britannia Elementary on Vancouver’s East Side, spent a week immersed in youthLEADarts programs. Here is another of the videos they wrote, edited, performed in and produced during that time. Their voices call us to listen and remind us that the drum, calling us to care for one another and Mother Earth, beats for us all. 

The Drum Beats for Us All

By: Kellen, Sequoia, Charysse and Brooklyn

Listen to the drum

It calls us to join together

It tells us to listen

It warns us of the dangers around us

It is our sacred way of connecting.

Listen to the world

Heal it

Don’t take advantage of it

Protect its sacred animals

Don’t be greedy with what you take.

Listen to your heart

It wants you to reach your goals

Do something you enjoy

Care for others

Be who you want to be.

Listen to my voice

I believe we all need to make changes so that our world can be better

I think you should never give up

I believe you should always respect yourself

I believe you should never feel alone.

Listen to the drum.

Listen to our world.

Listen to your heart.

Listen to my voice.

Listen…listen closely to the sound of the beating drum.

It beats for us all.

Special thanks to CLICK (Contributing to the Lives of Inner City Kids) for providing the grant that made this program possible.